What Exactly is an EnergySmart Home Performance Team?

EnergySmart Home Performance Teams are comprised of various professionals in the energy and building trades that understand how important timely, quality workmanship is to private lenders, investors and crowdfunders. Private lenders are very interested in financing quality driven deep energy retrofits and clean energy projects, if the risk of investment is reduced.

How Do You Reduce the Investment Risk for Private Lenders and Investors?

By understanding that lenders and investors are in the business of obtaining ROI or "Return on Investment" and are greatly aware of any risk factors that might jeopardize their investments. One look at the chaotic nature of residential and small commercial energy improvement projects, for example, tells investors all they need to know before they invest, so they don't. However, the fact is that national, regional and local lenders and investors do understand that saving energy also saves money.  What they seek is some type assurance that the energy and dollar savings projection on a project is realistic and accurate and that the expected energy & dollar savings actually do materialize. Getting the various trades involved in either new or retrofit projects to be on the same page has been elusive for most energy saving projects... until now:

Enter the EnergySmart Home Performance Teams that have several levels of 'QA' or Quality Assurance involved, starting with top national organization: The Residential Energy Services Network or RESNET. (RESNET.us)

RESNET monitors a national network of "Providers" and the EnergySmart Institute is proud to partner with the Accurate Rater Network, a national CEQ EnergySmart Provider.

An EnergySmart Home Performance Team includes:

  • At least one certified HERS Rater (to diagnose and prescribe an energy improvement strategy and to independently verify the quality and effectiveness of the work upon completion).
  • At least one state-licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor (if that state requires a license) who is a recognized participant in the ACCA QA Program.
  • At least one RESNET EnergySmart Contractor that specializes in Air Sealing and Insulation who employs at least one senior technician who has is an ICAA Certified Insulation Installer or has received a completion certificate for another RESNET recognized quality installation training program.
  • Any number of other home improvement contractor companies which have their RESNET EnergySmart Contractor designation.

EnergySmart Home Performance Team Member Receive These Benefits:

  • Enjoy increased credibility by working with a RESNET Certified HERS Rater.
  • Provide customers with a higher level of service and a complete solution, rather than simply addressing one problem area.
  • Experience increased business growth through referrals from other team members.
  • Team members aren’t restricted to working with one team alone and can belong to multiple teams.
  • Build valuable relationships with other RESNET contractors.
  • Stay on top of the latest developments in your field through ongoing continuing education courses, training opportunities and seminars.

Please review this EnergySmart Institute website for EnergySmart online, on-demand course offerings for your trade or specialty(s).

What is EnergySmart?