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    You must include Builder/Contractor name and address in REM/Rate. This applies to all ratings including HERS only, the rating will not upload to the registry without it.
    For ESv3 the Builder/Contractor must be an Energy Star Contractor and the HVAC Contractor must be listed as H-QUITO, in other words on ACCA’s list. It is the Rater’s responsibility to check. The checklist is provided at the end of the project, it may seem there is a little wiggle room if the contractor is in the process but not yet fully certified. However, if contractor fails to get certified, the rating will not be approved. We highly recommend you check at the beginning of the project.
    Make sure the Builder/Contractor’s name and address match as it was registered with Energy Star. The only way they get credit for the ES Certification is through REM/Rate reporting by your provider. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure your RTIN is correct, so you get credit also.
    There will be little if any tolerance for deviations from requirements. Energy Star v3 requirements will be met. If the test is performed at final and doesn’t pass, then the correction will be very expensive and contractors will be very unhappy. REM/Rate will not “PASS” if leakage rate is not met. We recommend looking closely at the duct sealing during pre-drywall inspection. If all the duct work is installed, you may be able to run the test at pre-drywall. Duct leakage to outside still needs to be done at final, so your looking at testing twice (since both test are very similar). NOTE: Total leakage measurements to the outside are not required by all jurisdictions so we suggest you check with the local codes prior to performing tests.

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