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How to Become EnergySmart Certified

Here is some information about becoming listed on various national websites as an EnergySmart Contractor.  The designation is a company designation.  There needs to be one person identified as the Contractor's Representative.  It is this person's responsibility to take the Building Science for Contractor's training, pass the RESNET exam, and ensure that all work of the Contractor is in accordance with EnergySmart Team policies and procedures.  The Contractor's Representative will be the main contact for RESNET and Accurate Rater Network.

The steps to be followed to become certified are:

  1. Contractor's Representative to take and pass the Building Science for Contractors training class ($210.00)
  2. Contractor Company joins the Accurate Rater Network as an EnergySmart Member ($150.00 -
  3. Representative to take the EnergySmart Certification Seminar (Free to ARN EnergySmart Members)
  4. Contractor's Representative takes and passes the RESNET EnergySmart Contractor exam ($50.00 to RESNET plus $75.00 Proctor fee)
  5. Contractor joins RESNET as an EnergySmart Contractor ($400.00 plus chosen directory listing fees and Contractor's Representative sign the ARN Contractor Agreement, which includes a Code of Ethics, Policies and Procedures, Handbook and Complaint Resolution Process
  6. Contractor provides ARN with proof of RESNET Membership, Licensing and Insurance as required by the Policies and ProceduresARN adds Contractor to the EnergySmart Registry and notifies RESNET.

So, only one person at the company needs to attend and pass the training.  Of course, you may have more people attend if you want, it is valuable training for any contractor.  Since it is on-line and on-demand, you may also have several people watch the training modules together and just one person take the test at the end also so that the entire team gets benefit of the information.




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