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Does your Representative “represent” your concerns about energy efficiency in construction?

Missourians live in a “Home Rule” state. Local jurisdictions adopt the building codes, including energy codes, that work for the residents and builders. This allows the people who live in an area to determine their own health, safety, and environmental goals. After over two years of analysis, research, and testimony, Kansas City, Missouri voted to adopt the 2021 IECC (International Energy Conserva...
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Is a Solar Home For You?

Is a Solar Home for You? The use of solar energy and solar technologies in home construction is becoming quite popular.  And why wouldn’t it?  The sun provides free heat and light energy to us every day.  Many owners of new and existing homes are adding Solar Photovoltaic, or PV, panels to their roofs and yards.  These panels take advantage of the sunlight and generate electricity.  However, othe...
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