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ENERGY STAR Version 3 Certification Training for HERS Raters

by The Accurate Rater Network

This 18 CEU on-line, on-demand training class teaches HERS Raters what they need to know to  verify homes for the ENERGY STAR Program.  This course is open to HERS Raters who are new to ENERGY STAR as well as those who are already ENERGY STAR Certified.  This course includes details about the ENERGY STAR v3.0/v3.1 program using the Revision 8 Checklists.  It includes component by component verification protocols, partnering with ENERGY STAR, information about logo use, marketing materials and ongoing support.  The ENERGY STAR Exam is included; which must be passed in order to become certified as an ENERGY STAR qualified HERS Rater and/or obtain the 18 CEUs.

Cost: $350.00

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ENERGY STAR v3/v3.1 On-Demand Refresher Course for HERS Raters

by The Accurate Rater Network

This is a course meant to be used by ENERGY STAR Certified HERS Raters who wish to update their knowledge of the ENERGY STAR program to the v3/v3.1 level with the Revision 8 checklists. The class has an in-depth focus on in-field verification and includes many examples of correct installations as well as incorrect installations and their corrections. In-depth information is provided about static pressure testing as well as water management and water-managed building assemblies.

This course does not provide any CEU's or reporting to the EPA.

Cost: $175.00

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