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Does your Representative “represent” your concerns about energy efficiency in construction?

Missourians live in a “Home Rule” state. Local jurisdictions adopt the building codes, including energy codes, that work for the residents and builders. This allows the people who live in an area to determine their own health, safety, and environmental goals. After over two years of analysis, research, and testimony, Kansas City, Missouri voted to […]

Need for Certified HERS Raters is Growing Quickly Due to Inflation Reduction Act

The need for certified home energy raters is growing quickly. Excellent full or part-time work for students up to retirement. Control your own schedule. There are over 8 billion dollars in rebates allocated to improving the energy efficiency of privately-owned residences and another billion to fund upgrades to affordable housing. It is difficult to project […]

How does the Inflation Reduction Act impact the 45L Energy Efficiency Tax Credit for New Construction of Homes and Apartments?

President Biden has signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law.  This act includes some excellent incentives for residential new construction that are guaranteed to save energy and prepare residences to become zero energy structures.  The first thing this portion of the act does is to extend the 45L tax credit through the end of 2022.  […]

Is a Solar Home For You?

Is a Solar Home for You? The use of solar energy and solar technologies in home construction is becoming quite popular.  And why wouldn’t it?  The sun provides free heat and light energy to us every day.  Many owners of new and existing homes are adding Solar Photovoltaic, or PV, panels to their roofs and […]

Energy Modeling

We hear a lot about Global Warming and the need to save energy.  Energy prices are rising and we are told to conserve.  But, how does one determine how much energy their house, or apartment, or small business is using?  How does one understand what changes need to be made in the pursuit of having […]

Breathe Easy

Do you find it difficult to breathe?  Not because of your health or your lungs, but because of all the viruses, droplets, and other nasty things we never thought about before?  With the advent of Covid 19, we have been hearing more and more about how viruses spread and more and more about the health […]