Construction Math

CEUs: 0.8 ICC

Area and volume calculations, perimeter measurements, roof angles and variations and how to calculate those odd architectural features are all covered in this course. We'll dust off and revisit some math, geometry and algebra skills as well!

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Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to Construction Math

Watch the video and download the materials in this module to be fully prepared for the calculations ahead!  You will need a calculator that has a square root function in addition to the normal add/subtract/multiply and divide functions.

Unit 1 Introduction and Handouts  
Module 2 Linear Measurements

The basis for accuracy with Construction Math lies with the simplest measurement - the linear measurement.  In this module you will learn how to take a correct linear measurement of various shapes and how to determine linear measurements from plans.

Unit 1 Linear Feet  
Unit 2 Linear Measurements Quiz  
Module 3 Area Calculations

We think of area calculations when we want to understand how large something is such as a room or a house. In this module you will learn to calculate areas such as these, as well as the area of more challenging shapes such as triangles, circles and trapezoids.

Unit 1 Area Defined  
Unit 2 Area Quiz  
Module 4 Volume Calculations

How much space is there inside a three-dimensional shape?  You need to know how to calculate volume to answer this question.  In this module you will learn to calculate volume using a range from several easy shapes to some pretty difficult architectural wonders.

Unit 1 Volume  
Unit 2 Volume Quiz  
Module 5 Special Case Measurements

There are some special cases that require more information or complex formulas to generate the answers to the construction math questions. This module demystifies these elements and walks you through the formulas you need.

Unit 1 Special Cases  
Unit 2 Special Case Measurements Quiz  
Module 6 Generating Scale Drawings
Use the math and measurement information you have learned to incorporate into generating your own scale drawings. This module will share information on how to create a set of scale drawings and what should be included.
Unit 1 Scale Drawings  
Unit 2 Plan Drawings and Measurements  
Module 7 Construction Math Final Test

You must achieve 80% or better on this test to pass this course.

Unit 1 Construction Math Exam  
Unit 2 Construction Math Feedback  

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