Construction Primer

CEUs: 0.4 ICC

Construction basics and building components are covered in this course. We take a tour of construction plans and learn what to expect in the plan set. We cover the components that make up the building shell in details and review alternative building materials and techniques.

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Course Outline

Module 1 Construction Primer Course Materials
Course materials are found in this module.
Unit 1 Construction Primer - Course Materials  
Module 2 Ceilings and Attics
Vault, Attic, Tray, Boxed, Coffered...There are many types of ceilings. In this module ceilings and attics are defined from the point of view of the Building Scientist. Ceiling types are then described, pictured and correlated to the various upper envelope definitions.
Unit 1 Ceilings and Attics  
Unit 2 Ceilings and Attics Quiz  
Module 3 Frame Construction and Alternative Construction Techniques
This module provides the anatomy of frame construction. Headers, studs, top plates, cripples, etc. are all described and defined. Alternative construction techniques such as ICF and SIPS are explored as well.
Unit 1 Anatomy of a Stud Frame Wall  
Unit 2 Walls and Floors  
Unit 3 Walls and Floors Quiz  
Module 4 Fenestrations
From a residential construction perspective, a fenestration is an opening in a house. This module covers the details behind windows, skylights, doors and their rough openings.
Unit 1 Windows and Doors  
Unit 2 Windows and Doors Quiz  
Module 5 Foundations and the Lower Envelope
A house is built on a foundation - and there are several foundation options. This module reviews the various foundation types - even those that appear wide open - as well as air sealing, insulation and moisture management concerns.
Unit 1 Foundations  
Unit 2 Slabs and Capillary Action  
Unit 3 Foundations Quiz  
Module 6 Construction Plans
The construction plan set contains many elements; floor plans, elevations, site plans, notes and schedules, etc. This module works through a set of construction plans and highlights the information a building scientist is reviewing in each of these plan pages.
Unit 1 Reading Construction Plans  
Unit 2 Reading Construction Plans Quiz  
Module 7 Construction Primer Final Exam
This is the final test for the Construction Primer course.
Unit 1 Final Exam: Construction Primer  
Unit 2 Construction Primer Course Feedback  

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