Energy Fundamentals

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Energy Fundamentals
Energy Fundamentals is all about Energy! This short course covers the definition of energy including detailed energy terms and the language of energy. You will learn the laws of thermodynamics and take a deep dive into the concepts of heat flow, air flow, and moisture flow. These concepts are brought together with a discussion about how they impact human comfort, health and safety.
Module 1 Energy Fundamentals Course Materials
Download the materials and study guide for this course.
Unit 1 Energy Fundamentals - Course Materials
Module 2 What is Energy?
This module covers the definition of energy, energy terms and examples of several forms of energy and energy transfer.
Unit 1 What is Energy?
Unit 2 What is Energy Quiz
Module 3 Energy Flow
In this module you will learn the laws of thermodynamics and get deep into the concepts of heat flow, air flow, moisture flow and human comfort.
Unit 1 Heat Transfer
Unit 2 Radiant Heat Transfer
Unit 3 Heat Transfer Practice
Unit 4 Heat Transfer Quiz
Unit 5 Air Flow
Unit 6 Air Flow Quiz
Unit 7 Moisture Movement
Unit 8 Moisture Movement and Human Comfort Quiz
Module 4 The Tell-Tale House
Everything we have learned so far is brought together through a visual demonstration of pressure effects within a see-through house.
Unit 1 The Tell-Tale House
Unit 2 Heat, Air and Moisture Flow Impact Observations
Module 5 The Language of Energy
Terms and terminology are important when it comes to understanding and discussing energy; however, these terms are not always simple to grasp. This module explains in detail terms such as specific heat, latent heat, enthalpy and more in a way that makes them understandable and correlates them to energy analysis and diagnostics.
Unit 1 The Language of Energy
Unit 2 The Language of Energy Quiz
Module 6 Energy Fundamentals Course Exam
This is the final exam for the Energy Fundamentals course.
Unit 1 Final Exam: Energy Fundamentals

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