ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Certification for Program Verifiers & Code Officials

CEUs: 1.8 ICC | 18 RESNET

This fully online, on-demand course provides the required training for those verifying under the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction program. This is an EPA Approved training course for RESNET HERS Raters, Rating Field Inspectors, and HERS Modelers, BPI Certified Professionals, and CHEERS Certified Professionals. The training assumes the student has already taken the ENERGY STAR Single Family New Homes required training and builds from that base of understanding to provide the specifics required for the certification of Multifamily projects. This course is current with the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction, Version 1 / 1.1 / 1.2 (Rev. 02) checklists and includes information about what is coming in the Rev. 03 checklists. Exam Proctoring information is made available to the student at the end of the course - the exam and the Proctoring fee for the initial attempt is included!

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Course Outline

Module 1 ENERGY STAR MFNC Overview and Introduction

This module provides a high level introduction to the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (MFNC) program.  It includes information about which buildings qualify to be certified under this program, a high level look at the program requirements, the participants that work within the program, and the compliance paths that are available.

Unit 1 MFNC Links, Overview and Introduction  
Unit 2 MFNC Which Buildings Qualify?  
Unit 3 Which Buildings Qualify Quiz  
Unit 4 MFNC Program Requirements  
Unit 5 MFNC Program Requirements Quiz  
Unit 6 MFNC Program Participants  
Unit 7 MFNC Program Participants Quiz  
Unit 8 MFNC Compliance Paths  
Unit 9 MFNC Compliance Paths Quiz  
Unit 10 MFNC Versions and Checklists  
Unit 11 MFNC Versions and Checklists Quiz  
Module 2 MFNC Design Review

The first verification work for an ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction project happens during project design.  This module takes you through the design considerations and requirements including partnership status, high-performance fenestration and insulation, review of the HVAC Design Report, and additional construction document review.

Unit 1 MFNC Design Review Unit Materials  
Unit 2 MFNC Partnership Status  
Unit 3 Partnership Status Quiz  
Unit 4 MFNC Fenestration Design Review  
Unit 5 Fenestration Design Review Quiz  
Unit 6 MFNC Insulation Design Review  
Unit 7 Insulation Design Review Quiz  
Unit 8 MFNC HVAC Design Review  
Unit 9 HVAC Design Review Quiz  
Unit 10 MFNC Construction Document Review  
Unit 11 Construction Document Review Quiz  
Module 3 MFNC Field Verification

There is quite a bit to verify in the field as an ENERGY STAR multifamily project is being built.  This module provides an introduction to the following modules and provides the checklists and handouts that will be referenced as we move through these verification steps.

Unit 1 MFNC Rater Field Verification  
Module 4 MFNC Envelope Verfication

Verification occurs throughout construction for an ENERGY STAR project.  This module focuses on the envelope verification items and provides details on how to verify high-performance fenestration and insulation, fully-aligned air barriers, reduced thermal bridging, and air sealing.

Unit 1 High-Performance Fenestration & Insulation  
Unit 2 High-Performance Fenestration & Insulation Quiz  
Unit 3 Fully-Aligned Air Barriers  
Unit 4 Fully-Aligned Air Barriers Quiz  
Unit 5 Reduced Thermal Bridging  
Unit 6 Reduced Thermal Bridging Quiz  
Unit 7 Air Sealing  
Unit 8 Air Sealing Quiz  
Unit 9 Multi-Family Airtightness Testing  
Unit 10 Multi-Family Airtightness Testing Quiz  
Module 5 MFNC HVAC Verification

Verifying the HVAC and distribution systems is a critical component to an ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction project.  This module covers the verification of the heating and cooling equipment, the duct quality installation, dwelling-unit and common space mechanical ventilation systems, local mechanical exhaust, and filtration.

Unit 1 HVAC Introduction to ENERGY STAR HVAC Verification  
Unit 2 Heating & Cooling Equipment  
Unit 3 Heating and Cooling Equipment Quiz  
Unit 4 Duct Quality Installation  
Unit 5 Duct Quality Installation Quiz  
Unit 6 Dwelling-Unit & Common Space Mechanical Ventilation System  
Unit 7 Dwelling-Unit & Common Space Mechanical Ventilation System Quiz  
Unit 8 Local Mechanical Exhaust  
Unit 9 Local Mechanical Exhaust Quiz  
Unit 10 Filtration  
Unit 11 Filtration Quiz  
Unit 12 Combustion Appliances  
Unit 13 Combustion Appliances Quiz  
Module 6 MFNC Appliance and Lighting Verification

Special attention must be paid to combustion appliances in a well-sealed ENERGY STAR project.  This module covers these combustion appliances as well as domestic hot water, lighting, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

Unit 1 Domestic Hot Water  
Unit 2 Domestic Hot Water Quiz  
Unit 3 Lighting  
Unit 4 Lighting Quiz  
Unit 5 Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures  
Unit 6 Appliance and Plumbing Fixtures Quiz  
Module 7 MFNC Energy Consumption Data Strategy

Large ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction projects must provide their consumption data to the EPA for benchmarking and other studies.  This module provides information on determining a whole building energy consumption data acquisition strategy.

Unit 1 Whole Building Energy Consumption Data Acquisition Strategy  
Module 8 MFNC Exam Information

Try your hand at practice exams. Submit a request form to be placed into the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction exam and complete your certification.

Unit 1 MFNC Practice Exam  
Unit 2 MFNC Exam Tips  
Unit 3 MFNC Exam Request  
Unit 4 ENERGY STAR MFNC Final Steps  

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