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ENERGY STAR v3/v3.1 On-Demand Refresher Course

ENERGY STAR for Homes 2018 V3/3.1

On-Demand Open Course for Everyone

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ENERGY STAR v3/v3.1 For Everyone
This is a course for anyone interested in learning about the ENERGY STAR program at the current v3/v3.1 level with the Revision 8 checklists. The class has an in-depth focus on in-field verification and includes many examples of correct installations as well as incorrect installations and their corrections. In-depth information is provided about static pressure testing as well as water management and water-managed building assemblies. Verification for items from the ENERGY STAR Water Management System Builder Requirements is included. A detailed look at the changes from Revision 7 to Revision 8 is included as well as a deep dive into the Revision 8 checklists and how to verify program compliance and cross-check items among the checklists themselves. This course does not provide any CEU's or reporting to the EPA.
Module 1 ENERGY STAR Program Requirements
This module will provide an overview of the ENERGY STAR Program requirements for all participants, the Builder, the Rater and the HVAC contractor.  Included is an overview of ENERGY STAR certification, the target HERS Index, the Benchmark Home Size and Size Adjustment Factor, and trade-off limitations.
Unit 1 Course Introduction: ENERGY STAR Version 3
Unit 2 ENERGY STAR V3 Program Requirements: Course Materials
Unit 3 ENERGY STAR Basics: Introduction to ENERGY STAR Verification
Unit 4 Introduction to ENERGY STAR v3 Quizzes
Unit 5 ENERGY STAR Basics Quiz
Unit 6 The ENERGY STAR Certification Process
Unit 7 ENERGY STAR Certification Process Quiz
Unit 8 ENERGY STAR v3 Certification Minimum Efficiencies
Unit 9 ENERGY STAR Certification Minimum Efficiencies Quiz
Module 2 ENERGY STAR Design Review
What are these checklists that ENERGY STAR Certification Requires?  Where are they found?  How does a Rater know which ones to use?  Who on the project team needs to be trained or credentialed as qualified to work on an ENERGY STAR project?  What credentialing responsibility do the Builder and HVAC Contractor have?  What additional design review and modeling responsibilities does the Rater have? Those questions and more will be answered in this module.
Unit 1 Design Verification: Introduction & Course Materials
Unit 2 Checklists and Partner Verification
Unit 3 Checklists and Partner Verification Quiz
Unit 4 Envelope Design Review
Unit 5 Envelope Design Review Quiz
Unit 6 HVAC Design Verification
Unit 7 HVAC Design Verification Quiz
Module 3 ENERGY STAR Inspections
Third party verification is a major component of ENERGY STAR qualified homes.  This module will take you to the field and teach you what to look for when verifying for the ENERGY STAR program.  You will work through several site visits and understand how what you see in the field translates to what you record on your checklists.
Unit 1 ENERGY STAR Field Inspections: Introduction & Course Materials
Unit 2 Pre-Slab Inspection
Unit 3 Foundation and Roof Inspection
Unit 4 Pre-Drywall Inspection Introduction
Unit 5 Pre-Drywall Inspection of Walls and Framing
Unit 6 Pre-Drywall Inspection of Fenestrations
Unit 7 Pre-Drywall Inspection of Moisture Management
Unit 8 Pre-Drywall Inspection of HVAC Systems
Unit 9 Pre-Drywall Inspection of Other Items
Unit 10 Construction Complete Inspection Protocols
Unit 11 Putting it all Together - The ENERGY STAR Submission Package
Module 4 Partnering with ENERGY STAR
This module includes information about ENERGY STAR Partnership benefits and how ENERGY STAR helps you grow your business.
Unit 1 Program Essentials and Partner Resources
Unit 2 ENERGY STAR Program Essentials and Partner Resources Quiz

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