Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation

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Module 1 Indoor Air Quality

What is in our indoor air that affects Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?  How did our indoor air become so potentially poor and maybe even deadly?  How can we help ensure good IAQ?  These questions are explored and answered in this module.

Unit 1 Introduction to Indoor Air Quality
Unit 2 Indoor Air Quality Quiz
Unit 3 The Combustion Cycle
Unit 4 The Combustion Cycle Quiz
Module 2 Mechanical Ventilation

The choices we have in mechanical ventilation and the amount of ventilation air required by codes are explored in this module.  We also explain mechanical ventilation testing tools and how those tests are performed.

Unit 1 Mechanical Ventilation Course Materials
Unit 2 Ventilation Requirements
Unit 3 Ventilation Requirements Quiz
Unit 4 Types of Mechanical Ventilation
Unit 5 Types of Mechanical Ventilation Quiz
Unit 6 Testing Mechanical Ventilation
Unit 7 How to Test Mechanical Ventilation
Unit 8 Mechanical Ventilation System Testing Quiz
Module 3 IAQ and Mechanical Ventilation Exam

Pass this timed exam with at least an 80% score and you will have passed the class!

Unit 1 Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation System Testing Exam

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