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RESCAZ Simulation Exam Preparation Course

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Module 1 Course Handouts and Introduction

This module provides the handouts for the course and introduces you to your instructor.

Unit 1 Course Handouts
Unit 2 Course Introduction
Unit 3 RESCAZ Simulation Account Setup
Module 2 RESNET Portal Introduction

Request access and take a tour of the RESNET training and exam portal to learn how to get to the RESCAZ simulation tool.

Unit 1 Introducing the RESNET Portal
Module 3 Training Scenario Walkthroughs

Walk through entire training scenarios and learn the differences between practice in a simulation and what you can expect to experience in the field. We also cover the various furnace types in the simulation.

Unit 1 Complete Walkthrough - Training Scenario A
Unit 2 RESCAZ Training Scenario C Walkthrough
Unit 3 Next Steps - Practice on your Own
Module 4 Set Up Your Exam

You will request your exam and schedule an exam proctoring session in this module.

Unit 1 Set up your Exam

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