RESCAZ Simulation Exam Preparation Course


This is a preparation course for the RESCAZ Simulation Exam. This course walks you through the registration for the simulation tool, how to access it, practicing in the simulation, and scheduling the exam. This exam is required for the RESNET Certifications of HERS Rater and Rating Field Inspector (RFI). A complete walkthrough of the simulation tool and practice on simulated scenarios as well as ACCA Standards and a simulation checklist are included as part of this training.

   Registration Fee: $150.00

Course Outline

Module 1 Course Handouts and Introduction

This module provides the handouts for the course and introduces you to your instructor.

Unit 1 Course Handouts  
Unit 2 Course Introduction  
Unit 3 RESCAZ Simulation Account Setup  
Module 2 RESNET Portal Introduction

Request access and take a tour of the RESNET training and exam portal to learn how to get to the RESCAZ simulation tool.

Unit 1 Introducing the RESNET Portal  
Module 3 Training Scenario Walkthroughs

Walk through entire training scenarios and learn the differences between practice in a simulation and what you can expect to experience in the field. We also cover the various furnace types in the simulation.

Unit 1 Complete Walkthrough - Training Scenario A  
Unit 2 RESCAZ Training Scenario C Walkthrough  
Unit 3 Next Steps - Practice on your Own  
Module 4 Set Up Your Exam

You will request your exam and schedule an exam proctoring session in this module.

Unit 1 Set up your Exam  

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