Sharla Riead

What’s new and what’s news in the world of energy and Home Energy Ratings (HERS Ratings)?  RESNET held its first-ever end of the year conference to share just that information.  Change is coming and focus is shifting.  Markets are evolving.  It is fascinating that expertise in energy and the quantification of energy use is pulling Energy Professionals into the world of social justice and Environmental Social Governance and forcing a closer relationship to carbon generation and use of embodied carbon than with energy consumption.

RESNET also had another first - they took the time to honor the women who have helped the success of the organization and the HERS® Industry.  Our own Sharla Riead was recognized in the inaugural class of "RESNET© Recognition of Woman Pioneers in HERS® Industry"; and we couldn't be more proud!

We have put together a summary of highlights from the 2023 RESNET Conference which you are invited to read.  It will be almost like looking into a crystal ball.