Combustion Safety and Combustion Safety Testing

CEUs: ICC 0.7

This course is about combustion safety in our homes and residences. We will define the Combustion Appliance Zone(s) (CAZ), discuss the combustion process and elements of combustion safety, understand the multiple combustion appliances we may have to evaluate as well as testing protocols and visual examination. This course covers all combustion appliances, whether they are located in a dedicated CAZ or not. Testing tools, calculations, interpretation of results, and incorporating safety into the scope of work are covered. ACCA Standards and RESNET Standards are included as a focus of this training.

This course does not include the RESNET RESCAZ Simulation. To prep for that exam and access the simulation tool, see the RESCAZ Simulation Exam Preparation Course.

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Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to Understanding Combustion Safety and Testing

This module contains course materials and required reading. It explains the role of the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater in combustion safety testing.

Unit 1 Combustion Safety and Testing Introduction and Course Materials  
Module 2 The Combustion Cycle

To understand combustion safety, you first need to understand the dangers presented by having combustion appliances sharing our living and breathing spaces.  This module explains the combustion cycle and how potentially deadly gasses are formed and introduced to our breathing air.

Unit 1 The Combustion Cycle  
Unit 2 The Combustion Cycle Quiz  
Module 3 The Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ)

What is a CAZ? How do you recognize the CAZ and what are the potential issues with its size and location?  This module explains these as well as what to look for and why when performing an inspection of the CAZ area(s).

Unit 1 The Combustion Appliance Zone  
Unit 2 The Combustion Appliance Zone Quiz  
Module 4 Personal Safety and Combustion Testing Tools

When working with and around combustion appliances, you may be placing yourself and anyone else in the vicinity in danger - or you may be discovering dangerous conditions.  This module discusses how to keep yourself and everyone else in the structure safe and reviews the national standards as well as the tools used in testing, verification, and safety monitoring.

Unit 1 Personal Safety and Combustion Testing Tools  
Unit 2 Personal Safety and Combustion Testing Tools Quiz  
Unit 3 CO Monitoring  
Unit 4 CO Monitoring Quiz  
Module 5 Combustion Appliance Testing

The rubber meets the road in this module.  You will learn how to test the CAZ and its appliances and the standards followed for testing and reacting to test results. You will understand why the tests are performed and what situations might lead to various potential issues you might uncover so you have knowledge of what recommendations or requirements to make based on your test results.

Unit 1 Gas Line Leak Testing  
Unit 2 Gas Line Leak Testing Quiz  
Unit 3 CAZ Depressurization  
Unit 4 CAZ Depressurization Quiz  
Unit 5 Combustion Water Heater Testing  
Unit 6 Combustion Water Heater Testing Quiz  
Unit 7 Combustion Furnace Testing  
Unit 8 Combustion Furnace Testing Quiz  
Module 6 Combustion Appliances Outside of the CAZ

Other combustion appliances exist that are not in a specifically designed equipment room.  This module will cover those other potentially deadly combustion appliances that may be found in a home and the type of inspections and testing that may be performed to ensure they are operating in a healthy and safe manner.

Unit 1 Testing Other Combustion Appliances  
Unit 2 Testing Combustion Appliances Quiz  
Module 7 The Combustion Testing Process

Now that you have learned about various tests, procedures, and appliances one-by-one, how do you fit them all together into a testing method you can use in the field?  This module puts the entire combustion testing process together in one fluid step-by-step process. 

Unit 1 Putting it all Together - Combustion Appliance Inspections and Testing  
Module 8 The Scope of Work

The tests and inspections are complete.  Now it is time to make specific recommendations and work scopes.  This module takes you through the scope of work and the standards and expectations around a work scope generated for any health, safety, building durability, and energy efficiency modifications to a residence.

Unit 1 Work Scope Generation Course Materials  
Unit 2 Biddable Scope of Work  
Unit 3 The Test Out  
Unit 4 Work Scope Generation Quiz  
Module 9 Combustion Safety, Testing, and Work Scope Exam

This is the final exam for this course.

Unit 1 Combustion Appliances and Safety Exam  

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