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Live HERS Rater In-Class ARN Training From August 7th thru 16th 2017

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The next online home energy rater (HERS* Rater) training begins Monday evening, June 19th and goes through July 22nd, 2017 with scheduled sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays .  There will also be some in-class, in-person training involved. Your instructor is Sharla Riead.

Information about this training that leads to becoming a (RESNET**) certified HERS rater [...]

Online Training Options

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Click HERE for online course listings


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How to Find an EnergySmart Builder

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The RESNET website has several ways to locate an EnergySmart builder. You can search by either national builders or by their location such as their region(s) or state(s) served. Here is the main link to use to find an EnergySmart builder:

If you would like to learn more about what is involve to become an [...]

How to Become EnergySmart Certified

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Here is some information about becoming listed on various national websites as an EnergySmart Contractor.  The designation is a company designation.  There needs to be one person identified as the Contractor's Representative.  It is this person's responsibility to take the Building Science for Contractor's training, pass the RESNET exam, and ensure that all work of the Contractor is in accordance [...]

What is EnergySmart?

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What is EnergySmart?

To properly explain what EnergySmart is all about it is important to outline the need for it first. It is no secret that most residences built in America are not very energy efficient, especially the older ones.

The vast majority of homes, apartments and other residential building types that were constructed prior to 1980 [...]

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