Why: Ask other residential training providers how long they have been in business then verify and you will find many of them are new or recently established.

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Try: EnergySmart Institute (ESI) is backed by Hathmore Technologies, LLC*, a long-established energy and environmental education and certification organization. Founded in 1979, Hathmore has over 40 years’ experience in testing and certifying residential and commercial structures.

Why: What are the credentials and experience of the training instructors?

Try: ESI only has peer-reviewed leading subject matter experts as instructors and their experience and credentials are listed on the ESI website.

Why: Sit through dry voice-over Powerpoint® presentations that are boring and difficult to watch.

Try: ESI online on-demand courses are specifically designed for ease of understanding with quick quizzes offered throughout to make sure students comprehend the materials presented. Multiple videos, drawings, diagrams and animations are offered during the online on-demand sessions.

Why: Be obligated to view courses only during the specific time periods when they are offered.

Try: Take ESI courses when you have time, according to your schedule, instantly on-demand and available 24 hours a day.

Consider that ESI has fresh content courses that have the latest 2020 RESNET required ANSI standards like the “Insulation and Radiant Barrier Evaluation” and the “Indoor Air Quality and Mechanical Ventilation” courses

Plus, ESI has online RESNET approved Home Energy Rater (HERS** Rater) and Rating Field Inspector (RFI) courses with practice tests and online simulation tools.

Online on-demand EnergySmart Contractor training and certification courses available as well.

So, take an online on-demand course from ESI and find out for yourself why try ESI!

*Hathmore Technologies, LLC website link: https://hathmore.com

**HERS = Home Energy Rating Systems